A Bit About Me & Mine

Let's start this off right!

A bit about me... I am the daughter of 2 of the greatest parents in the history of parents! My father was in the Army when he met my mother in Alaska. Together they built a home and a business that kept 4 children fed, clothed, educated and happy for years. We were surrounded by the best extended family & fabulous friends at all times! We were rich beyond our wildest dreams! Not with money or material things, but with things that really mattered. The greatest of these is Love. I am the youngest of those four children.

My sister and I. I am the brunette.  Cute huh?

I learned early about death through the passing of many grandparents, 1 brother, and later, my Mother. They say that time heals all wounds, but there are times when recalling each of these deaths opens a gaping wound in my heart just as fresh as the day it happened. Each loss is different, one cannot prepare you for the next.
I am a mother of 2 very bright & beautiful children. My ds (dear son), SAW, is in the hormonal teen years, and my dd (dear Daughter), BUG, is a typical tween. They are as different as a brother and sister could be, but they are exactly like me in so many ways. Their father and I divorced in 1999, and they have been living with me ever since.
     I remarried a great Air Force Airman in 2005. After so many years of being single it was quite an adjustment to have someone else to consider beside the 3 of us. We Moved away from my home and family in Alaska and ventured South to Florida. We now have another beautiful girl in our family.  It was planned/unplanned, and after 9+ years of doctors telling me I would NEVER get pregnant again, it was quite a shock!  
     I have always worked outside the home, but I have always worked in places that were just like home. For years I worked for my parents in their construction business where I could have my children with me. That was the BEST! I have done a little bit of everything, hotel clerk, office stuff, construction, and more.  It's hard to be picky about your job when you are military and move every few years.  Right now I am trying my hand at being a stay at home Mom.  At least until I find a job...LOL!
    So wish me luck and stay tuned.  I'm kinda liking this blogging thing.
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