Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Terrific Tuesday!

Sorry That My Terrific Tuesday is a couple days late folks. You know how it goes though...

So, My Terrific Tuesday was a long day, but still terrific!

Bug had a dentist appointment to have her favorite thing done - a cleaning! Honestly, she loves it! She got a new toothbrush and a wind up toy.

SAW had a motivational assembly at school that must have been very well received (or else I wouldn't have heard about it, I'm sure). The singer at the assembly did a free concert after school, so I drove home back to school later that night for it. I had planned on going with him, but he didn't seem very enthused about that & said that he THOUGHT it was for students only. Before the concert started they even had free pizza for everyone. He had a great time. He warned me that the singer guy took a few pictures of the audience that he may be in & also posted a video of the assembly on YouTube. I'll have to check it out.

The day ended like most Tuesdays do - I went to bed early!

How was your Terrific Tuesday???

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My terrific Tuesday can be viewed at titled Parent Teacher Conferences. Not so terrific. said...

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