Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Hardest Book - BTT

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Or you can just take my word for it. :p

Today's question is about the hardest/most challenging book I've read.
If you follow my reviews on Goodreads you know that if a book is hard for me to get into I rarely finish it.  There have been so many challenging books in my lifetime it's hard to narrow it down.
So I won't.

Right now I am struggling my way through Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.  Yes, Struggling!  I know it's supposed to be a classic, but good Lord I am just not interested in every little thought running through every woman's mind in the book.  I just want to get on with the story.  I do, in fact, like the story though.  I just wish it moved a little faster.  I am hoping to finish it before my son's High School puts the play on next year.

I am also reading The Book of Lost things by John Connolly.  Again, I am interested (slightly) in the story, but I am not a huge fan of the writing. 
Why are the hardest books always the thick ones??  Is it just that I am intimidated by how big they are?? I tried to read Anna Karenina once, but couldn't even get through the first two chapters.

By far my most challenging book that I have ever attempted to read is
The Tale of Two Cities
ugh, snooze-fest there!

So tell me what your most challenging book has been so far.  Have you read any of my challenging ones? Were they challenging for you as well?
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Kerri said...

I love all of Jane Austen's books, I hope you end up enjoying the story.
I have never read The Tale of Two Cities but I have read David Copperfield which made it on my list of hardest books to get through. I think anything by Dickens could prove challenging. The Language is just so different from what we are used to.

City Girl Who Loves to Read said...

When you're out of touch with the classics for an extended period of time, the writing style is hard to get back into. I remember finding it difficult to read "Dracula" over the summer, but after the first 100 pages or so it was easier.