Thursday, June 07, 2012

I was never a cat person...

until I met this guy...

This is Mew.

I always hated cats.  I became allergic to cats at around 13/14.  My sister and father are allergic also.  Even my daughter is allergic.  My mother always said that one never owns a cat - the cat owns you.  Why would I want an animal to run my life?

SAW loves cats!  Bug does too, but she has a hard time with them (she's the allergic one).  I always told my kids that if we ever found a cat that I wasn't allergic to then I would get it for them - no questions asked.  Who knew that would ever happen???

On a trip up to   down to visit Mike's family .... wait... nope, this was the trip where he wrecked the car and I had to drive 4 hours to go pick him up!  Anyways, I decided I would play with some cats.  I had heard that a friend of his had a bunch of kittens running around their house and that if I could catch one I could keep it.  So, temporarily forgetting my allergies we went off in search of a kitten.  We only saw one while we were there, and there was no way we were ever going to catch it, so we went back to his parents house.

Mike was working on something and I was playing with the multitude of cats running around their place. (His Dad had also told me that if I found one I liked then I could keep it, but, of course, we all knew which cats were Dad's & there was no way I would take one of them!).  This guy came right up to me and started purring and rubbing his head on my leg.  I scooped him up & he nuzzled right into me.  He had an injured front paw so I imagine he was glad to be off from it.  I tried to sit down with him, but when I say down and set him in my lap he jumped and took off.  His paw must have hurt badly though because he did not get very far.  He went straight over to the lawn chair and curled up.  I knew I was taking this cat home!  I double checked with Mike's parents and his mom said to go ahead and take him.  I double checked with Mike and he said yes too.  So I loaded up the cat and we drove home.

A 4 hour drive with a cat on my lap ( a very nervous cat ) and I didn't sneeze once!  No puffy red eyes, no itching whatsoever!  It was amazing.

MJ named him Mew.  SAW called him Toby.  He answered to everything!  He tolerated the dogs we fostered too!  He was even litter box trained!  Oh, and he was neutered!  He was IS amazing!

I am also convinced he is either magic or some sort of secret agent like Perry from Phineas & Ferb!  He is always disappearing and then when we open the front door he comes strolling in.  Just about 45 minutes ago Bug brought him downstairs and he sat down on the couch.  Then Mike was leaving for work and opened the door and there he was!  We don't have any pet doors, and the garage door isn't open.  There is no reasonable way he could have gotten out there.

This cat is amazing!