Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Terrific Tuesday

Terrific Tuesday!

My terrific Tuesday started early today. Maxx (DH's dog) decided that he had had enough of the kennel for one night & woke us up with his barking a bit before 4AM. Normally I would have been angry, but I was done sleeping & looking forward to being awake to see my son off to school. I rarely get up early enough to help him out in the morning, it's a good thing he is so independant! DH & I decided to start the day off with a movie. We watched The Invention of Lying. It was pretty good, but not something I would could watch over & over & over. We ate pizza for breakfast too. It was like being back in high school - watching movies & eating pizza!

The kids both got off to school with little to no problems!!! WooHoo!!!
We decided to take that opportunity to get a little essential shopping done ( we were out of milk ). Thankfully, we got a parking spot right up front, there was no waiting at the register & we were pulling out of our premium parking spot right as the bus from the retirement community was pulling in! It was a great morning!

I decided I needed to get off my feet when we got home, so I set up my laptop and my pillows in my bedroom & watched The Secret Life Of An American Teenager and House and fell asleep for a little nap. DH woke me up from my nap with a package I got from a swap I was in. A small One Rate box filled with goodies! Then SAW got home from school & helped my with the dishes & some other chorse. After Bug got home we all went to the library & filled out library bag with some great movies & books! Off to the Bowling Alley accross the street for a quick bite to eat & then to Bug's school for Family Reading night & dessert (free cookies & hot chocolate).

It was a great day - so far... Little did I know that there was more Terrific Tuesday to come!
Hopping online to check what's up on Swap-Bot I see that I got a response from the Founder of a coupon group I am in about a swap I wanted to do. Suprise Suprise! She made me an officer! Woo Hoo! So I am off to start my first group swap. Wish me luck!

How was YOUR Terrific Tuesday???