Friday, March 05, 2010

Terrific Tuesday and the rest of the week

Ok, sooooooo.... obviously my Tuesday was NOT that terrific because not only did I forget to blog about it, but even as I sit here & think about it I CAN'T REMEMBER anything about it.
I worked, that's it. I think that may have been the day I had a migraine at work & left an hour early. Maybe not though...

On to the rest of the week!

I experienced my first Braxton Hicks contractions this week. It was interesting, to say the least. A few of them were pretty painful, but nothing I couldn't handle. I had been feelinga little something earlier in the day, then when I got to work I really felt them! My co-worker said that she could watch my tummy ball up when it started. It was pretty interesting.

I also had a FABULOUS doctors appointment in Pensacola this week! I see a Dr. on Base and I also go to P'cola once a month because I am high risk. I love going to P'cola! You see, I have been having the hardest time keeping track of my Glucose Numbers, I forget to test a lot! I forget to take my pills about 30-40% of the time. I have heard from one of the dr.'s at Eglin that there really is no solid proof that the medication they put me on at the beginning of my pregnancy will actually help me. In the beginning right after i took my meds I would get horribly sick, lethargic, and then my glucose levels would bottom out! I tried to tell them what was happening & that I wanted to go on insulin, but the decided not to. Then I ended up with the grouchy old man as my dr...(we won't go into that right now because it's a horrible negative story & I try to keep this blog positive). So anyways... The grouchy Dr. wouldn't even look at the reports I was giving him because he said I wasn't testing often enough for him to decided what to do (ok, this was last week & at that time I had not had a single number under 100 for 2 weeks!). At the Dr's in Pensacola I didn't even bother to bring in my report because I still had not been testing "often enough". The fabulous nurse that never comments on my weight didn't ask for my report, she just asked what my number have been "lately". I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief & started in "my numbers have been really high, I haven't had anything under 100 in a long time!" She writes it all down & send me back to the waiting room without making me feel bad at all - for any reason! they called me back right away ( even though I was early! ) & took me straight into the ultra sound room! the two techs were very nice & showed me all the pieces & parts of ym little girl & even eased DH's mind by counting all the fingers on the one hand that wasn't hiding! Then the Dr. came in & started right out with " your numbers are too high, we need to start insulin." WOW! I told him how I had an appointment @ Eglin on Friday & they were thinking about starting it & how I had been asking them to do that for a while now & he said that he would start it & be responsible for it because I needed it NOW! I guess I should have been scared, I guess I should have NOT wanted to go on insulin, but let me tell you, I feel the exact opposite! I am really excited!
I gave myself my first shot this morning & we'll see how it goes!
I am anticiapting a little bit of trouble from Eglin today when I go in & tell them, but I really don't care! I am just glad that I have at least one doctor that wants to help me!

How was YOUR week??

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Let me know how the insulin is working! Glad you found a doctor that will listen.