Tuesday, May 25, 2010

it's been a while

I haven't blogged in quite a while, I kind of gave up I guess, too much other drama to deal with. I'm back now, though.
I am 37 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby girl. The doctors say she is already 6 pounds! Although I have been having contractions for a while, she doesn't show signs of coming any time soon. She has found her comfy spot underneath my right side rib cage, and is still sitting diagonal in there (head down to the left). We have decided on a name & People are accepting it, it has grown on us. Her name is Maybelle Jane. I have nicknamed her MayBe! Her big sister is really excited, and her big brother is beginning to accept that she's gonna be here whether he likes it or not. I think he is secretly excited, but I'm not pushing it. She will be here on the last day of school, June 10th, at the latest (I will be induced that day).This definately has not been my easiest pregnancy, but it probably hasn't been as bad as I have made it out to be, lol!
I am on maternity leave right now. I am supposed to be getting everything ready for MayBe's arrival. Obviously, I am not doing that well! Saturday was my last day at work, and I had my baby shower that day (another post about that later), then Sunday we slept - it was fabulous! Monday we had to go get food causethe fridge was bare, and then I was sick for the rest of the evening, and today we had a doctors appointment, and here I sit! It seems like I will never get everything ready for her!
uh oh, hubby has the electric fly to run & hide.....