Wednesday, June 30, 2010

184 days of ...

I can't figure out how to end that sentance, nothing seems to fit. "being alone" doesn't fit, because I'm not alone, I have 3 kids with me. "being single" doesn't fit either, cause we are still married. "being independant" doesn't fit either because, you know, I'm always pretty independant, but right now being without a job to support myself & the kids I am pretty dependant on him. So how does one describe a length of time without their significant other?

Of course I will be sad, lonely, frustrated and angry at times, but I think I will also be happy, relaxed and productive at times too. Everyone keeps telling me I will be fine. I wondered today if they all thought I was some sort of weakling that had never been alone before. I began to resent all these confirmations of my well being. I had to stop and change the way I was thinking. I have to beleive instead that thir comments are just little tokens of their confidence in me. To that I say "Thank You, I WILL be fine!" (Of course, I'll never turn down prayers for our well being, or meals!)

6 Months without her Daddy. MayBe will be eating some solids, crawling, and so much more when he gets home! I can't imagine how hard this is going to be for him.

So goes the life of a military family.

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That is a great picture! I know you will be fine - I never thought otherwise. There is good and bad in everyday - the result and feeling you go to bed with is just a matter of perspective.

Hope you'll get to skype a lot for his sake.