Thursday, July 01, 2010

Baby Monkey Toes

Baby things - I love baby things, and Bug has been stuck with my love of baby things as well. You tend to forget about all the things a baby brings with them until you are faced with it every day. I love baby monkey toes and how they hold on to you when you touch them. MayBe also holds my hand with her hand, which I love, but it's not as interesting to me as when she grips my fingers with her little toes.
Another thing that I find fascinating is something my "other Mother" calls "talkin' to the cookie". I always think of that movie with Robert Downey Jr, Heart and Soul, where he sees the 4people and talks to them when he was a baby. Anyways, "talkin' to the cookie" is when a baby stares off @ nothing and coos and jabbers on. I know she's really talking to the angels.
Baby breath is another thing i forgot about. It's amazing how sweet and pure a baby's breath can smell. Unfortunately it doesn't last very long though, they grow up into children that forget to brush their teeth & have horrible morning breath!
Toys are great too! All the rattles ad teethers and bright colors and stuffed animals. Recently someone was telling me about all the "baby crap" that was all over their house and I was sad that they didn't see they fun & excitement that comes with all those things that she is stepping/tripping over. Oh, well. Some of us get it & some of us don't.
What are you favorite baby things?

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Hmmm, favorite baby things. I have to say blankets for sure. No matter how old or used the things are that you have for your baby, you always get at least one new blanky. Oh, and strollers. I love strollers!!! I always want one or two or three or more. With Jason, I think I was buying a new stroller or sorts every chance I got some extra money for years. He loved sitting in them anyway. He didn't walk if he didn't have to. I had one stroller that I got when He was little and was able to use it for all three kids!!! It was amazing and I still have it. No, I don't know why.
As far as their little bodies, I love fat little baby butts! I also love their heads and cheeks. I love to sooth a child. Its such a great feeling to know that I was able to bring peace and happiness to a baby.

Share said...

@ Bek - I totally forgot to mention blankies! I love them too! MayBe has gotten so many adorable handmade blankets I love to use different ones everyday!!