Thursday, July 15, 2010

Attachment parenting - is there any other way?

I have been seeing "attachment parenting" stuff all over since I got pregnant & thought it was some wierd crunchy hippy thing. I finally decided to check out what it really was tonight. After reading a few definitions & checking out a few pages I see it's not as "crunchy hippy" as I thought it was. All of my research has left me wondering if I am missing something though. I mean, aside from the co-sleeping, it all seems like normal parenting. hold your child, feed them whe they are hungry, positive discipline. Am i missing something? What do parents do now days that is so different from this? Baby wearing is a little new to me, but I love my Moby Wrap & MJ loves it (most of the time) too.

The co-sleeping thing is strange for me, though. With SAW he slept in his crib in his own room from day 1 (except for naps). He NEVER slept in my bed, EVER! ok, maybe if he had a bad dream or something, but by morning he was always back in his own bed. Bug slept in a bassinett right next to my bed for the first 6 months, but in my defense we lived with my parents and then in a 1 room cabin. She also would only sleep in my bed when she had a bad dream. I was always afraid that if I slept with them as babies I would roll over on to them & smother them or something, or that they would roll out of bed & get hurt. With MJ it's a little different. She sleeps so well when she is right next to me, but I don't. I am still afraid. It is super easy to nurse her if she is in bed with me though. Again, in my defense, DH is deployed for 6 months, so any extra second of sleep I can get is precious!

So tell me, what am I missing about this "Attachment parenting" craze? Is there any other kind of parenting??