Thursday, July 15, 2010

Personal Time & CAFFEINE

The great thing about caffeine personal time is that you don't have to prove that it was productive to anyone. You don't have to take pictures to show the beautiful scenery you enjoyed, or of your happy face as you were enjoying it. It's just for you - it's personal.
The great thing about caffeine is that it allows me more personal time. I can't say for sure, but I am pretty sure it is the same way for my Dad and my sister too. How? well, take this morning for example. I worked last night from 11pm to 7am. A shift I LOVE, a shift I missed while I was pregnant (couldn't do it without the caffeine!) I love this shift because it is quiet & peaceful - most of the time. ok, I know, work doesn't exactly constitute "Personal Time", but, hey, I'll take what I can get with a 6 week old baby in the house! So, anyways, last night being only the 2nd mid-shift I have worked in over 5 months I drank 2 Full Throttle Carmel Java's!! Yup, 2! T. W. O. That's 200mg of caffeine in an 8hr period, plus all that yummy goodness included in a Full Throttle! That's a whole lot of energy for one shift! One. Very. Slow. Shift. So what did I do with all that extra energy when I got home and everyone was still sleeping?
I woke them up!! Hell, I had been awake all night & was still raring to go - they should be too, right?

(the poor things took turns staying up all night with the baby. I wouldn't dare wake them!)
MJ was slowly waking up, so I let her wakeup on her own while I changed into some comfy walking clothes. I got her changed into a nice clean onsie & fed her & chatted. Then into the stroller she went & off we went. Wearing my Curves Toning Walking shoes & pushing the stroller I was off. I was motivated. At first my plan was just to see home long it took me to do the circle (marina & back), then it was to just go for 20 minutes then turn around, then it was for 30 minutes the turn around. I never completely decided, but I kept walking. All the while telling myself I can go to the next street, and then to the next one, then over the bridge, then to the dock, well the marina was right there, and so on & so on & home. Total we walked 2.1 miles in 49 minutes. Not bad for our first "real" walk. Ok, I know it's bad, it's about 25 minutes for a mile, and just the other day I was dissing on one of DH's co-workers for failing his PT run saying how "even I could do it"!
So, how does this tie in to my personal time? It was MY time, just me & MJ walking around enjoying the morning. The beautiful Sound and the relaxing little breeze. It was just ours. When I realized how awesomeit all was i instantly reprimanded myself for forgetting my camera. I had to stop myself with that train of thought though. That's when I decided that I don't have to take pictures to prove how beautiful the morning was because it was MY morning!
I hope you all get the chance to enjoy some personal time this week.

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Yay for you! It is an amazing thing that only you get to do. Definately take the camera though next time- not to prove anything- but for you two personally. I'm so proud of you (except the overload of caffeine n sugar). That time together is and alone is such a great opportunity!

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Thanks for following! I am now following you!