Sunday, July 25, 2010

I love coffee!! & A Giveaway

I have always LOVED coffee. When our town finally got a Starbucks I thought it was the best idea EVER! I loved working as a barista at one of our little hometown restaurants. I learned the differences in good coffee and great coffee, and what burnt milk tastes like & all that jazz. When we moved to FL I became the manager of a coffee shop in a bookstore. It was a fun job where I got to learn and teach all about making great coffee.
I slowed down my coffee drinking while I was pregnant. I also just learned that infants can not digest caffeine, so I still have to keep my coffee drinking on the low side. It's hard though when you hang out with a coffee lover like my friend, Annabelle. We hav gone to Starbucks ALOT!
I have been good, for the most part, ordering decaf though. The last time we were there I saw the new iced coffee packs and a great new water bottle to put it in! I had tried thier iced coffee just the day before this so I knew it was great! Alas, we were both between paychecks, so all we got was our daily fix. So, imagine my great happiness when I found this great giveaway!
check it out & sign up to win! Like Courtney says "who doesn't love a little starbucks?"

2 comments: said...

Hi share!!!! Keep blogging- every day! I love it!

Anonymous said...

love this and love coffee!