Sunday, July 25, 2010

A new bed for Bug

Bug needs a new bed! right now she sleeps on our old mattress, obviously we got rid of it because we thought it was uncomfortble. You can only imagine what she thinks of it. On the up side - the dogs LOVE the bed (that the main reason she needs a new one). Maxx & Sophie sneak into Bugs room all the time for a quick nap on her bed, or to roll around on her clean clothes or books or homework that is on it. Maxx also likes to mark his territory... ugh!

So.... we found the perfect bed here. We went to Aarons to check it out in person & she really does love it. I am not too keen on the mattresses it comes with, but we can upgrade those later. bug has always wanted a bunk bed. and this one is great for when she has friends over. Her room is soooo small that a bunk bed is ideal for her. And we love the drawers.

Aarons will deliver it and set it up for us too, which is great because DH isn't here to set it up for us & I hate to drive the beast (the bronco).

So you can chip in to the new bed fund above if you want. And I will gladly take suggestions for a cheaper cuter bed if you have any.