Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Skype is my friend

I used to laugh at people when they would talk about Skype. Then it became a verb and i laughed even more. then dh got it on his psp & I laughed & laughed & laughed. Then, he got orders to Saudi Arabia. Now I have Skype, Bug has Skype, and SAW has Skype. yes, that's right, 3 Skype accounts in one house, well, 4 if you count DH's but he's not here right now, so it doesn't really count right?? aNYwaYS..... i am a changed woman now! Skype is my friend. Thank God for technology! DH calls me 2x a day & we get to see each other when we talk. he gets to tell me about his day & the crazy things that go on in the desert. he gets to see his baby every day too! And it's free!!!
Yay for skype!

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