Saturday, July 10, 2010

Water Baby

Today was another nice hot day, so after SAW's guitar lesson we decided to scrounge up some change and go to the pool. SAW decided to stay home & get his chores done (yeah, right), and Bug left early because MJ was taking soooooo loooong eating. I have to admit that after Bug left I really wasn't feeling it, but I didn't want to leave her down there by herself. We threw on swim suits and off we went. I am soooo glad we went.
MJ loves the heat & humidity down here on the Emerald Coast, and I knew she liked water because she loves getting a bath (or joining mommy in the shower). I was still not expecting her reaction to the pool. Even after taking a quick FREEZING cold shower before we went into the pool, she was calm and relaxed as soon as we got in the pool. So relaxed that I thought she was asleep, and so did everyone else. I rolled her on to her back and she stretched to get her head into the water & just rolled it all around. SHE LOVED IT!!!! We bounced around and floated her on her back & had a great time. The first time I took Bug to the pool she was about 2months old. I had watched all kinds of shows about how babies instinctively know how to swim, so I was not afraid to go under water with her. She has always loved water and is an excellent swimmer now. With MJ it was a different story today. I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Maybe next time though. If today's relaxed attitude was any indication of how she will do every time then I think it will be fine.
I am so very glad so many people gave her swimsuits!! We will definately be using them all!!

3 comments: said...

Yay! Yay! Yay!

April said...

glad you had fun at the pool, I would go to the pool IF I could go by myself with no one else around...I think that would be fun! :)

DoodleBugg said...

oh thank you I am a good swimmer. Although if I could swim stright I wuold be even better. :S