Sunday, July 11, 2010

So many things

There are so many thing going through my head today. So many things I want to talk about, do, see. Too many for one post, so there will be extra posts today.
I will start with an easy one first. My list of the day. My to do list, my random thoughts, my feelings, etc. Forgive me if I am vague, but these things just need to be out of my head without explanation.

  • Am I doing for revenge? I don't think so. i know there is a lot of speculation on why I would do this now, but really what difference does it make? 46 grand is a lot of money & we deserve it!
  • what do you do when you find out that one of the best parts of your childhood is one of the worst of someone elses?? I had no idea it was that horrible for you and I am sorry. I guess that's all I can say huh? I'm sorry.
  • mmmmmmm, coffee. the LC said that caffiene will often cause BF babies to spit up, so I switched to decaf. don't get me wrong, I just like coffee so drinking decaf is not a big deal, but sometimes I just need that quick pick me up. So once a day I have a cup of 1/2 caf - is that horribly selfish of me???
  • I have to say that 95% of the time I detest BFing. I would seriously quit if #1 - we could afford it, and #2 - i hadn't just got a bunch of nursing clothes for my birthday.
  • Must remember to ....uh oh, already forgot...
  • Why is DH being such a butthead?? I guess I can't be too sesitive, after all, I am sitting in a nice AC'd house with our kids and he is in the desert.
  • I had forgotten how nice it is to see old friends, even if it is only through video chat.

That's all for the moment... More later...