Monday, October 04, 2010

Daily Goals

I am NOT a good "stay-at-home" ANYTHING!  I am also not a good "to-do-list" follower.  So, instead of writing out a to do list that I would never get done, I set a goal to get 10 things done today (as far as housework & must-do things).  I mentally told myself a few things that should be in that 10, like finally getting my bed made (which includes getting 2 months worth of clean clothes put away & sheets put on), and cleaning the kitchen floor.  So, Here's what I got done today.  I don't feel like it was enough, but it will do for today.

  1. Got 1 load of laundry washed and dried
  2. All kitchen counters scrubbed clean
  3. All dishes washed (including the hand wash ones)
  4. One load of dishes put away
  5. Refrigerator pulled out and cleaned behind it (OK, so Bug is the one who grudgingly got behind the fridge and did a half-assed job of scrubbing the floor, but hey - I pulled it out and commanded the job be done!)
  6. Floor wiped/mopped (OK,not scrubbed, but hey, it looks noticeably cleaner!)
  7. Swing folded up and kinda put away so that I could put the pack n play under the window
  8. Desk half assed cleaned off and moved under the other window.
  9. Laundry closet door put back up (again, with Bug's help)
  10. Got 2 baby gates put up!!!  woo hoo!!!
  11. Got a gift that I have been meaning to buy for the last 5 months.
  12. I have a Happy teenager in the house!!!
Ok, so  a lot of that stuff was done half assed, but at least it kinda got done.  And, yeah, I really didn't have much to do with the last item on my list, but hey, when he's happy it makes everything else go so much smoother!!!
I am pretty happy that I have a clean kitchen!  Even if the rest of the house looks a little worse for wear.

What did you get done today??