Monday, November 08, 2010

Dentists...and other things I used to like...

I remember when I was a kid my Mom would give me her keys to hold on to when I had to go into the dentist exam by myself.  It was comforting to me to hear the jingle and to feel the rubbery stretchy loop keychain.  I also knew that it meant she couldn't leave me anywhere!  I have always had bad teeth, something about a fever and no enamel on them & stuff.  There hasn't been a single time that I have gone to the dentist that they haven't told me I have a cavity.  I had my first root canal when I was 18.  I had my wisdom teeth taken out when I was in the Navy, so that meant I got 1/2 day off work and a prescription for Motrin.   I swear that my mouth felt so stretched out and swollen for days after that!  Even through all of that I have liked, if not loved, going to the dentist.  Something about having a clean mouth and a nice smile, I guess.  My root canal tooth just happens to be my very front tooth, and they never capped it when I had it done so now it is all dark & dry & brittle.  I really need to have it crowned, but that takes $$$$.  Anyways, One of my fillings has been coming loose for quite sometime and it was becoming sensitive to air, so I made my appointment.  It was just for an exam because the receptionist told me they would have to do that first before they could fix it.  so I guess the dentist was super busy with walk ins today because she kept running in & out of my exam room.  She yanked out the loose filling without so much as a warning - THEN she gave me 3 shots of Novocaine (one of which I swear she shot straight into my nose! OUCH!) So she proceeded to go to town on filling my tooth (in between other patients) & grinding skin off my lip and gums, then complained that my gums were bleeding a lot!  So, now my face is finally not numb, but my tooth hurts worse than when I walked in there today! 
     All this started me thinking - You really have to trust your dentist because they could really be screwing things up in there & you'd never know.  You would just have to keep going back & back & back & assuming you were eating too much candy!  I don't really trust my dentist!  I still consider myself new here, so maybe I chose the wrong dentist... I guess I'll see how it feels in the morning & take it from there.
    This also made me want to think about other things that I used to like, but has I get older it's just not fun anymore...

  • Dentists
  • Dusting (I remember loving to dust when I was a kid - what happened??)
  • Gardening - I used  to love to garden with my Mom & Grandpa, but as an adult it's not so much fun by myself.
There's more, but you get the picture.  We grow and our personalities evolve. 
What things did you used to like that you don't anymore??


Melissa said...

Eat Carrots. I used to love eating carrots while watching my favorite show now I need some good FULL FAT Ice Cream. hahahaha

April said...

I don't like dusting either...not sure I ever liked it :)

it is so unsatisfying...we have wood floors and I can sweep and swiffer vacuum one day and the next all I see is dust and dog frustrating!

have a great week!

becky said...

Making cookies . . . well, sort of. I love to make cookies if I have the ingredients ready, space cleaned, no where to be, and an empty house until the cookies are done.

Time is not my friend lately and it sure makes it hard to enjoy things when time is not on your side.

Things should be done well and lack of time makes things rushed.

AND I never liked the dentist - still don't. I used to hate getting my hair done too - but love it now.