Sunday, November 07, 2010

Sunday Thanks

Today I am Thankful For...

  • Baby Yawns: I love it when MJ yawns!  Her big wide open mouth showing a true sign of being sleepy.
  • The warmth of a puppy at my feet:  I love being able to bury my toes under her on a cold chilly night. I know that I am supposed to be finding a home for Sophie, but she is turning out to be such a good dog! 
  • The sound of siblings playing together: It is a beautiful thing when a brother and sister get along!
  • The start of a new tradition: Yesterday we declared today "Pie Sunday".  I made a Shoo Fly Pie, which my friends have lovingly re-named "Sugar Pie"  And since I made my recipe from a mix of a couple other recipes I think I will stick with that!
  • A noisy (unsellable) fish tank: Simply put - it muffles the sound of the baby crying!
  • Remission!! Last year my father went through a lot with his NHL & this year was declared "In Remission", as was my friend April who went through very similar treatment for her NHL.
Thank You, God for these fabulous things!


April said...

thanks for celebrating with me :)
is your dad in remission? it is kind of can be think you are going to feel one way when you are declared in remission but you feel another...I think it is still sinking in...

I hope you are doing well...I'm glad you are enjoying your little one!