Thursday, November 11, 2010

Too Early???

Is it too early to start thinking about MJ's 1st Birthday??? 

I'll be honest, I'm not much of a planner, but when it comes to birthday parties I start thinking about the next one before the dishes from the current one are done. I love to thinkabout the party themes and favors and invitations and everything! Now, when it comes to actually getting it all done on time I may fall short, and often things don't come out exactly how I pictured them, but the plan is there!

I am totally excited about planning MJ's 1st Birthday party! I actually already bought her dress.  I'll give you a hint - it's green & frilly!  I already got a theme in mind too - CUPCAKES!!!  The theme came to mind when I saw this awesome craft for cupcake ornaments!  It will be something fun for Bug and her friends to make & they can be personalized too!  I am thinking "Thank you for coming to MJ's 1st Birthday" or something like that!  And I think some cupcake shaped soap would be a fun favor too! I will scour Etsy for the perfect invitations & post them when I find them.  Yes. I know. I could just make them myself, but why??  I'll tell you the only reason I would consider making my own invitations.  I would consider making my own invitations if I won THIS is giving away one of these super cute Cupcake punches by EK success! This punch can be used for so many things!!  I would love it!!

Anyways, I hope that we can have some family there for her birthday, and I hope that some of the friends that have been there for us along the way will make it too.  I hope that the weather is great & most of all that MJ is happy!

If you have any tips, ideas, or anything at all to add feel free to comment!