Monday, March 14, 2011

Did I mention


Mike got PCS orders to Mountain Home AFB, Idaho.

I am super excited to be getting back to SNOW!!!

(insert beautiful image of snow covered mountains here, I couldn't find a single one on any of my computers or hard drives - weird huh?)

Mountain Home is about 200 miles from where Mike grew up in Firth, ID.  I am glad that he will be closer to his family.  He already has plans to go berry picking as soon as we get there & then hunting with his father later.  He is very anxious to get there!  Although it's been fun to be living so close to the beach, I will be glad to say good bye.  I never hid the fact that this has definitely NOT been my favorite duty station.

Even though we are still 5 months away from moving we have been preparing for it from the minute we found out.  We have sold our 90 gallon aquarium, Mike sold his table saw,  & I am getting geared up for a huge moving sale next month!  We also found someone that wants out GIANT TV so that we won't have to move that (and it gives Mike an excuse to buy another one a better one for the family for Christmas)!  I am also super excited about preparing for cold weather again!  Weird, I know, but I LOVE to buy cold weather clothes!  Living in Florida I haven't had much need for my beloved sweaters & jackets, and I haven't really had an excuse to buy any either.  I have been on the look out since we got orders though!  I found some great feetie jammies for MJ for $3.00 in a size 18 months.  So can't wear them for a little while, but when she can I will be glad that I found them so cheaply because I remember paying at least $20 for some for Bug!  I also found a pair of warm fuzzy sweats and sweat shirt for $1.00 @ WalMart yesterday!  Again, they are a little big now, but they will fit her when she needs them!  I also scored a great pink turtleneck sweater for myself @ JCP's for $7.17!!  Woo Hoo!!  All the winter stuff is on sale here now that it's getting warmer!  I'll keep an eye out for more great deals & hopefully remember to take a few pictures!

A few things worth mentioning

I am working on perfecting a recipe for teething biscuits.  I made some yesterday that both MJ AND Bug liked, but they weren't hard & dense like I wanted, so I will try another batch today with a few alterations.  Once I get them perfected I will post the recipe for you all to try.

When we were at WalMart yesterday wandering the aisles I found these!

Jet Puffed Mallow Bites!
 If you like marshmallows & chocolate then there is no way that these little bites will not hit the spot when that craving strikes!  They are snack sized marshmallows covered in chocolate!  24 little bites = 1 serving for 130 calories! Definitely worth searching for!

Well, I better be finishing this up & gettin' some laundry done!
Have a great day!


April said...

I am so glad that you are excited about moving...I know the few times I have moved the past 10 years or so that it was the hardest when I had a lot of lead time in KNOWING I was going to get a bug in you and get excited and want to box it up and move already

being in southern indiana and only ever having lived in indiana and illinois I am sure you miss some kind of change in season...

thanks so much for your offer of makenzies clothes...and I only took a while to respond because I wanted to research a few cost a lot to mail over there so if you would like you could mail them to me and we can add them to the larger box we are planning to send over because the cheapest thing to do is send for $58 large flat rate box (which really isn't that big, but we might use those vaccum bags or something to get as much as possible in :))

I am sending a VERY small package with cards and a couple kid dvds tomorrow and went to jayme and kyles site and saw you left a message there...I know that they covet all prayers (I heard from Jayme today that this week has been in her words awful and my heart just breaks for them...the girls have been sexually abused and neglected so it is going to take a long time for things to settle and for the girls to feel safe...but I know that God picked jayme and kyle as their parents for a reason and in a few years they will look back on this time and remember how far they have come...and jayme has younger brothers (one of which is my best friend) who are twins so she has some first hand knowledge on twins which I think could be helpful to them...

well I kind of rambled on, it is midnight and I think the jabberbug comes out in me...also there is this time around 20 min after I take my ambien that i get kind of happy and funny (well I think I am funny) so maybe that is what is going on!