Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lucky Me

I was walking around the mall today with Mike
I have to start by explaining something.   I am a horrible eaves-dropper.  I blame this on my mother, but that's a post for another day.  Mike also likes to eavesdrop, but not to the extent that I do.  When we go out our conversations usually end up being about other peoples conversations.  Yes, their lives are obviously much more exciting than ours!

So, anyways...

We were at the mall today heading to Sears (after I got 2 cute tops on super sale at JCP's) when we passed a couple and their child.  It seemed to me that they were arguing about her getting a new purse.  She said "it's just one new purse, it's not like I buy them all the time.  One good quality bag and I won't need another one for the next six months."  Without knowing the background to her argument & without knowing their situation (maybe she's a recovering bag hag) I felt empathy for her.  I am a Bag Hag.  No recovery necessary for me, I am happy right where I am.  I don't know what I would do if Mike and I argued about my purse & shoe buying addiction.   I think he secretly likes it because it is ALWAYS an easy gift idea for me!  So, through the rest of the mall we joked about how lucky he was to marry the only woman in the world that doesn't like to spend her husband's money on bags and shoes.  That's right - I used to work at the book store to support my reading habit,  now I work wherever I need to so I can buy a new pair of shoes & a new purse EVERY MONTH!  Yes, I know that not all women spend their husbands money on shoes & stuff - it was a joke.  I do, however, have no problem spending his money too.  And I am pretty freakin' lucky that he has no problem with it either!

This is my most recent Bag purchase from JustFab

It's an interesting color, but it is top quality!  Everything from JustFab is!  I get my shoes there too!  You can join through this link and refer your shoe & bag loving friends and family & Earn free credits to use towards your favorite shoes & bags!
They also have gift cards & those ALWAYS make the perfect gift!

So anyways, I know I got away from my point. Oh, well.  All I really wanted to say was how lucky I am to have such a great husband!  And to have a job that pays enough to support my habits!

Have a BagFabulous Day!


Walking by Faith said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I can very much relate to your love for reading AND shopping---both things that I adore, as well. :)

I'm now a follower and look forward to visiting your blog frequently! I'd love to have you join my followers, as well! :)