Monday, September 12, 2011

I'm going to do it!

I was playing around with some pictures today.  I fancy myself a bit of a photographer, but I am not much of a photo editor.  I really do believe that the photographer should just take really good pictures rather than take mediocre pictures and be able to turn them into something magical with a good editing program.  Now, don't get me wrong, that in itself is awesome!  I am jealous of people that have mastered Photoshop, even the books are intimidating (I have like 5 of them, but good Lord, who even wants to attempt it?). ANYWAYS.....I get sidetracked easily...
My point was that I was playing with some pictures today in Photoshop.  I was critiquing myself and playing around with the pictures I didn't think I'd keep anyways.  I found one picture that I loved while I was taking it, but looking at it today I found a million things I didn't like about it. Soooooo.... I changed it.  I am sure all of the professional Photoshop people could do a better job with it, but I am pretty proud of it. 
I have been seeing Wordless Wednesday posts on so many blogs I follow.  So, I decided that I am finally going to join in!  Tomorrow is going to be my first WW post with my new awesome (edited) photo.  Shhhh, it's going to be a Christmas present to someone.  I know that posting this today kinda bends the rules of WW, but it's my first time so forgive me, please. 
I always seem to want to explain things to death, just ask my son.

So, check me out tomorrow and join in the Linky fun!
And here's a few other pictures I played with today.