Sunday, September 11, 2011


It just struck me today that it is now September!!!

Okay, Okay, yes, I called my sister on her birthday, and I have been writing the correct date on all my paperwork, buuuuut...  It didn't really hit me until  was reading another blog about how September was rough for her because of her brothers death.
I thought about my own brother's death and how September related to him too.
That's when it hit me!
My mom died this month.  On the 5th. 
I don't remember what I dd or didn't do, who I did or didn't talk to, or anything. 
Does that make me a bad daughter?
I recall going through this last year too.  Boy, 2 years in a row.  I must be winning daughter of the century, huh?
Well, I am sure that she is having a grand time where she is.  She's laughing at all the silly things we do and say, and shaking her head when we make our mistakes.  
And, my brother - he's there too.  off doin' his thing.  He checks on us every now and then I am sure, but he was kinda his own man, so I am sure he's got a lot of stuff going on.

(picture taken from My sister's blog

September is also My Brother and sister's birthday month! So hop on over to her blog & tell her Happy Birthday!  She's got a lot of stuff to contend with, but she always keeps a positive outlook!
She had a great birthday this year & even had a surprise party planned by my super niece!
I wish I could have been there!

okay, I am "distracted blogging", so before I start rambling about utter nonsense
C Ya!  Have a great day!

1 comments: said...

Never worry about missing a death anniversary! Always celebrate your own life - for you are here because she existed.

Its okay and natural . . . its called moving on.

crazy helen called me to let me know she was mournful and blah blah blah - way to bring it all back bitch! She actually said she only yells at people because its what mom would do. AAAAAAARRRRRGGGGG!

Love you sis!