Tuesday, September 06, 2011

MJ Time

May and I have been having a rough time spending all day together and not seeing anyone else.  When SAW walks through the door I shed a little tear and say "Thank GOD you're home!" and I think May says it too!  He comes right over and scoops his baby sister out of my tired arms and instantly she's all smiles!  It's a special love -the love between a big brother and his sister.  I miss my brother terribly.

I planned on inserting touching pictures of SAW and MJ and of my brother and myself, but alas, my POS laptop has decided to eat all of my pictures... *sob* *sob*


When Bug comes home she scoops MJ up out of SAW's arms and plays with her for a few minutes too.  I am truly lucky that they all get along so well.  I'm not delusional tough, I know it won't last.  She comes back to me, a little happier after a break.  Then I make dinner, all the while trying to make sure that nothing hot gets splashed or spilled on her because she won't leave my side.  Then I feed her.  Yes she can feed herself, I just like to do it.  Here's a little video of her feeding herself yogurt just to prove it! Luckily this wasn't on the computer, still on the SD card. OK, so the video might not load either... I guess you'll just have to take my word for it! LOL!

So, anyways... I love having her back on a schedule of sorts.  She gets up anywhere from 6 to 8 am.  Nap time is around 11am, and if I'm lucky, again at 3pm.  Then bedtime is usually around 8pm. 
Well, after a long, particularly stressful & grouchy weekend she woke up around 7:30 and at 11:10 grabbed her new Penguin Pillow Buddy thing that she got from the East Idaho State Fair and said "nap".  She was headed for the couch until I reminded her that she naps upstairs.  She turned to me with a "oh, yeah" and we headed up the stairs!  No tears, no coaxing into bed, no nothing.  She was more than happy to take a nap with her new buddy and her "woobie" (blanket).

Thank you to my mother and sister for making sure that I know the importance of having your children on schedules!


April said...


how is your dad doing?