Friday, September 09, 2011


M family lives in Alaska.  Things are super expensive there, especially heating fuel!  Most everyone I know has a wood stove to help heat their house during the winter.  I loved my furnace, but I depended on my wood stove and fireplace when I lived there too!  Fire starters are huge sellers too!  They sell them in varying kinds at almost every store in town!  I always wanted to make some myself from all the crafty tutorials around the web.  When we lived in Florida I started collecting the great big pine cones that were all over base, and dryer lint.  I never had dryer lint when I had the pine cones, and I never had pine cones when I had the dryer lint.  So, they never got made.  When we were packing up to move my husband asked me about my shoebox full of lint... "yeah, ok, I know I'm never gonna make them so throw it out."

So then last week I decided  that this year we were going to do homemade gifts for Christmas.  I knew my sister would LOVE some fire starters!!! 

Hmmmm.... I had egg cartons, and wax, but no dryer lint (because I have no dryer) and no sawdust....

Good thing she made her own!  She did a great tutorial on her bog too!  Check it out!  So, now I need more ideas for Christmas gifts for the best sister ever! 
Come on people - I need Ideas!!!!

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NOOO, you're the greatest! ;)

gift idea? You're pictures made into cards.