Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Pinterest addiction, and the holidays

I tried to stay away from but I just couldn't.  I have succumbed to the temptation and am now fully addicted! My sister, daughter, and many many friends are all on there sharing ideas and pictures and links.  I love it!
I have been completely inspired for the holidays too!  I have found so many crafts and recipes to make for gifts this year!  It has been a HUGE help!!  I have actually completed one gift for Mike, and one for Bug.  I am almost finished with Becky's too!
I knew the holidays were going to be tough this year, but they had to be better than last year when Mike was deployed right?  I knew that they could NEVER live up to what i wanted them to be in my mind. I WANTED to go home to AK for Thanksgiving, but finances being what they are for everyone there was just no way that could happen.  I WANTED to go home for Christmas,  but that can't happen for the same reason.  I now WANT to just be home and have a nice relaxing day with my family.  Sadly, that isn't going to happen either because I have to work.  The suck of it all is that because I'm not a full time regular employee I don't even get holiday pay for it.  LAME!! 
We are having a MOSTLY homemade Christmas this year.  I am making as much as possible in an effort to stretch our money as far as possible this year.  Most people will be receiving food type gifts, and close family will be receiving hand crafted items.
Pinterest and Ravelry have been life savers for me this year.  They are really keeping me inspired!
On top of it all Becky and I decided that we aren't going to stress over trying to get gifts out in time for Christmas.  We are going to plan on giving ourselves a little time to get things sent out and just enjoy the holiday with those who are near.  Lucky for her she has most of our immediate family to enjoy the holiday with.  Lucky for me we have Mike's cousins & their families to spend the holidays with.
Oh, yeah - and we had a pretty great Thanksgiving too.

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I miss my sis everyday . . . Can't wait until our After Christmas!

I talked to Kev and he likes the idea too.