Monday, November 21, 2011


re·cov·er·y (r-kv-r)

n. pl. re·cov·er·ies

1. The act, process, duration, or an instance of recovering.

2. A return to a normal condition.

3. Something gained or restored in recovering.

4. The act of obtaining usable substances from unusable sources.
The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

I like the 2nd definition best.  A return to a normal condition.  I have been in pain so long that I wonder what a "normal condition" is.  Okay, Okay - so that has to be an exaggeration right?  It really hasn't been that long.  It is also NOTHING compared to what others have been through and are currently going through.  I know that I am being a big baby.  But it's my party and I'll cry if I want to!
So - returning to a normal condition is taking a little longer than normal.  The nurse said that going to work Saturday should be fine, but I called my boss after surgery and informed them that there was no way I could make it in.  Good thing too because I spent most of Saturday in bed whining and crying and taking my pain meds.  SAW was amazing at taking care of me and rotated my heating pads every hour!  Bug was a HUGE help with MJ and Mike was great at overseeing it all.  I am blessed with a good family that can pull it together when they really need to!  Saturday night I tossed and turned and had to get up every 30 minutes to run to the bathroom.  That's the thing about stints is that they constantly make you feel like you have to pee - and it always feel like an emergency.  It rarely is.  So I watched the clock until it was time for me to take another pain pill and tried to get some sleep.  It was obvious that I was keeping Mike up so I headed down to the couch and finally fell asleep.  Only 1 problem - I was only able to get an hour of sleep because I had to get up to drive Mike to work.  I was also scheduled to work Sunday so I had to have the car.  So off we went...I dropped him off & came back home to get ready for work.
SAW came to check on me right on time & I informed him I had to work - he did not think that was a good idea, but he assured me things would be taken care of at home. 
So off to work I went.  by the time I got there my pain meds were wearing off but I couldn't take anymore because I had to be able to function at work.  Work & Vicodin do not mix well.
Needless to say - it was a short day.  I HAD to go home early because I could NOT stand the pain.  Back in to bed I went & slept & read and slept some more.
Poor Bug was having a hard time keeping MJ happy - she kept calling for me, but she did not want to be in my bedroom with me.  It was a long day for everyone, I was keeping on top of taking my pain meds so there isn't a whole lot I remember... at about 12 midnight MJ decided that she had had enough of being without me.  We rocked in the rocking chair and talked and cuddled.  We came downstairs to have a little snack and watch a little Baby 1st TV (if you have a baby it is a MUST HAVE channel!).  We cuddled a little more & then she just wanted to play a little.  Finally she decided that it was okay for her to go back to sleep.  She has been much much better today!  Sometimes all a girl needs is a little mommy time.
So, another day down. I'm still in the pain .vs. uncomfortableness stage, but it's getting better.   I hope I am feeling up to hanging out with Mike's family on Thanksgiving.


Africa's Blog said...

I really hope you are feeling better now!!!!!!

I have recently moved my blog to a self hosted site, the URL is now
I showed you were listed as following on my old site and was hoping that you would stop by the new URL and subscribe/follow the new URL. I am hoping that making the change to self hosted will be worth all the effort I have had to put in to actually doing it, LOL!!!

I hope to keep you subscribed to my blog!!
Debbie/Africa said...

. . . and sometimes mommies just need their baby time.