Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kidney stones - they still suck

So, after multiple visits to multiple doctors - one of them finally did something.

The diagnoses - 1 9.8mm stone in my right kidney, a 9.8 stone in my left kidney and at lest 2 more smaller stones.

Yesterday I had lithotripsy done on my right kidney and had a stint put in each side.  I'll have them for at least 2 weeks.  Then I will have to go in for actual surgery to remove the stones from my left side.  I can already notice a difference in my pain level. They gave me some good drugs to manage it if it gets too bad.  I was on them when I called my Dad last night.  Whooooo - I was quite the chatty Cathy!  My Dad's not a big talker on the phone, so it was pretty funny.

I just took my pills with the intention of going to sleep, but here I am...
I guess I'll update y'all more later.


April said...

so sorry that you had to go through that anesthetic sucks yeah?

is this the medical stuff that has been going on? said...

Love and Miss My Sis!
Speedy recovery thoughts to you!