Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What it means to me

A commenter recently mentioned she was curious why I named my Blog what I did.  Well, here's what it means to me.

This is my life.
That spot - right there - where the ocean meets the sand - that's where I live my life.
I'm not sure whether it's good or bad, but that's where I am.
That's not what the name started out meaning to me.  In the beginning I had another name for this blog - I really don't remember what it was.  All my friends were updating their blogs and had catchy names & I wanted something different too.  My sister and I brainstormed some ideas - her favorite one was "Florida Transplant". She said that anytime someone went searching online for "transplant in Florida" or something like that it would come up - kinda funny.  I wanted something related to where I was - the Ocean & Beach.  My favorite spot at the beach is right where the Ocean Meets the Sand.
Life in Florida was rough for my family and I.  It was almost the end of several relationships in my family.
We have since moved on and so The title means something different to me now.
That spot, my favorite spot, is a precarious place to be.
Nothing stays the same in that spot.
Proof of our existence there is wiped away with every wave.  That spot moves constantly & is ever changing.
If you don't want something to be washed away by the tide you have to anchor it there.  Sometimes you have to bury it real deep.  I have learned though, that just because you want it to stay, doesn't mean that it will.  God/Mother Nature/Neptune - whoever you believe is responsible for the Ocean - has a different plan.  Hurricanes, tidal waves, ice bergs and even oil spills can take away what you thought would always be there.
So, that's what my blog name means to me.
Things are ever changing.  I live my life in that spot where the ocean meets the sand because I know that things are always changing and nothing stays the same.  It doesn't matter how hard I hold on to things or people, the waves can still come in and wash them away.  I have learned to learn to enjoy building the sandcastle and playing the game for as long as I can, because it might not be there when I come back the next day.

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