Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Using up the last of it!

In general I like to use things up.  I know that's an odd statement but it's true. Like when I use a pencil or crayon down to the last possible nub, or use up all the ink in a pen (before I lose it).  It's an oddly satisfying feeling.  I like to use up every last drop of toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner.  Everything!  I like to know I am not being wasteful.
Oddly enough, though, I never really felt that way about food.  I mean, when you use up the last slice of cheese in the middle of making grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner that's defnintely NOT satifying!  Or the last drop of milk before everyone has had their cereal.  UGH!
Today was different though.
First I haveto rewind a little though...
Two weeks ago (last paycheck)...
Bug and I went grocery shopping, list & coupons in hand.  We knew our budget ($250 this check, which was a big deal because we have been keeping it under $200 for the last month).  With such a "big" budget I was planning on getting some snacking foods.  A luxury that we don't often enjoy.  I started out doing very good at keeping track of my total and watching for good deals (with or without coupons).  Slowly, as I weaved up and down the aisles, I began to resent the budget I was given.  I was angry and resenting a lot of things.  I stopped keeping track of my total.  I was feeling a little ... who knows, but the point is that I stopped keeping track.  I had a rough idea, I was still watching prices. I gave up the yummy tasty $5 box of cereal for the less yummy less tasty $2 box of cereal, even Bug knew that was the right choice!  I felt like I was within my budget, and I thought that with all my awesome coupons I would actually be under budget so I could maybe sneak in a few other things at a different store.  At the check out I am normally nervous.  I try to watch to make sure things ring up correctly and to make sure that I am on target for the right total.  This time, though, I was dreading that total!  My resentment had given way to guilt.  I should not have gotten so many cans of nuts (especially after learning that one of my precious planters coupons had *gasp* expired!),but I felt a little embarrassed that they might know we are poor and on a tight budget if I put them back. Hello, Sharon!  You are shopping with extreme couponer coupons, they already know you are on a tight budget!  So I watched my total climb.  I listened to the cashier call over a manager about one of my coupons (ladies, if you ever receive a "mystery savings" coupon be prepared for a lengthy discussion at the check out over whether it's valid or not before they even try it, and then another one after they scan it and see the amount!).  I felt my blood pressure rise and my face flush.  Finally, I was done!  There was my total - in BIG BOLD numbers for all to see - $262!!!  aaaccckkkk!!!
Needless to say, we ran out "real" food pretty quickly, and the snack food barely lasted a few days. And, did I mention that I did NOT buy ANY meat on this grocery trip???  Not my proudest moment!
It was time to get creative.  This past week we have had a lot of rament noodles.  A lot of stir fry (with ramen noodles or rice). A lot of torillas (homamade) with sugar & cinnamon.  A lot of soup. A lot of oatmeal (with jelly, or peanut butter, or nutella, or whatever makes it so MJ will eat it).
Last night I made amazing refried beans and tortillas.  I started the beans at about 10am (after soaking overnight of course).  It was sooooo hard not to eat them all before dinner.  Everyone was so excited about them that we made the tortillas early and had an early dinner!  The downside to that it that we were hungry again by bedtime, but it was okay!  They were Amazing!!
So, that leads me back to my story of using things up today. 
Today I made Sweet Walnut scones.  I used the very last bit of flour, all the rest of the eggs, and the butter too!  Anyone that knows me knows that these are the three things I HATE running out of most!  Today though, I had a different feeling.  I was pleased.  I had that satisfying feeling when I threw away the flour bag and the egg shells and butter wrapper.
I was proud of myself for providing for my family even after frivolously spending our budget.  We made it - right up to the last day!

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Scones are my favorite desert/breakfast! If I'm craving something sweet I mix up Bisquick, maple syrup, sugar, baking powder- whatever I can and put it in a pie pan.