Thursday, May 24, 2012


MJ is going to turn 2 in a few days!  I'm honestly amazed we've made it this far!  Having a baby in your 30's is tough.It's exhausting, trying, scary and yet joyous.
I feel like I am cheating her on her party though.  I was going to try to plan a big party, but, as always, funds are low.  We still haven't ordered a cake yet.  Yeah, I could make one, but I really don't feel like being disappointed.  We really don't know a lot of people here with little ones, so there's not a huge need for a ton of money to be spent on goodie bags.  I'd still like the few kids that are coming to leave with a little something though.  MJ loves rubber duckies so I ordered some adorable rubber duckie soaps from Etsy.  I wanted to buy a bunch of ducks too, but I procrastinated and times and money ran out.  Pay day is the day of her party so we will be running around like crazy that morning to get everything!  I found some cute printables and decorations I can do ahead of time on Pinterest though, so that'll be great!  I think it will end up being a good day!

My birthday is coming up also.  I have always gotten my hopes up and been super excited about my birthday.  ALWAYS!! But, I find myself a little deflated on the actual day.  I have also learned that birthdays - no matter whose - are for kids.  My kids are more excited about my birthday than I am.  This year, I am determined to not get all pumped up for it.  Whatever will be will be.  I actually already have a plan to volunteer that day at our base library with the reading program.  We will be making and decorating birdhouses that day.  I think it will be a fun way to spend the afternoon. 

I am also planning a few birthday rituals for MJ and myself to leave the negatives of this past year behind us and welcome growth and happiness into our life in the next year. ( I have been researching some of my eclectic pagan-ness and found a few things like this I'd like to incorporate in to our lives. More on that later)

Do you do anything "different" for birthdays in your family?

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We aren't allowed to spend money on jays birthday- so we always have to find a creative way to do something for him because he SAYS birthdays don't mean anything. This year I did get the 30$ license plate- probably the only gift in 17 years he liked.