Monday, October 15, 2012

Baking, Remembering, Feeling Blessed

Baking, Remembering & Feeling Blessed

Today I Yesterday I quit my job.  I had only worked there for 3 days, and I gave no notice what-so-ever. I feel it was a good decision though.  I was nervous yesterday when I was writing my resignation letter and washing my uniform so I could turn it in.  I procrastinated so long that when I finally went to turn everything in - they were closed!  Luckily Someone was still there and I turned everything in.  I felt a great peace as I drove home.  Of course I was nervous again this morning when I realized that I forgot to charge my phone (on the only charger that I could find that would charge my phone, I just forgot to turn the switch on for that outlet!).  I just don't want them to think that I am childishly ignoring their calls (like I do to everyone else).  I got over it though when I realized that I had a beautiful rainy fall day to spend with 2 of my children.
      So, I decided MJ decided that we needed to make some cookies this morning!  I knew the perfect recipe to try out too!  A fabulous Toll House recipe on the back of the white chocolate chips I bought for a very specific reason (NOT the cookies I was about to make, of course).  So we got out all the ingredients and pushed MJ's chair up to the counter so she could help.  I was repeatedly amazed at what she knew/remembered from watching me (and Bug) in the kitchen.  She helped me with the flour - and knew what it was!!  She knew the brown sugar goes in her oatmeal, and knew there was four, butter, and sugar that goes in the cookies.  She was very excited about mixing!  She was even more excited when we put the white chocolate chips in the mix and she got to sneak a few chips without getting in trouble.  A friend of mine from Florida always posts about baking with her daughter and I always wished MJ was old enough to do that with me.  She finally is! 
     I was also thinking about baking with my mom.  My mom stayed at home and worked with the family business (from home).  It was a rare occasion that I actually got to see or help her bake.  Everything was usually done while we were at school.  I was a very lucky & spoiled child.  Now days we always talk about how spoiled our own children are with their cell phones and iPods and game systems.  I think, though, that we are the lucky ones.  I remembered the kitchen table being covered in tin foil for the cookies to be cooled on. I have a cooling rack with 2 shelves.  My grandmother mixed everything by hand.  We now have hand mixers & stand mixers (although Bug and I really do prefer to mix everything by hand).  When I am done baking I throw everything into the dishwasher, not the case for my mother.  Not only did I grow up spoiled and lucky, but I still am.
     I really do feel blessed today to be able to spend time baking with my girls and helping SAW with his homework.  I am glad that I have the option to stay home with them like my mother did.