Monday, October 15, 2012

My family is OK!

There is nothing wrong with my family.  OK, maybe we are all a little grouchy, edgy, short with each other.  Maybe we are all on our own paths of destruction.  We are good people though.  If you ask us for help - we will help you.  We don't expect you to pay us or repay the favor at all.  It is always a nice surprise when people do though.
When I get angry though is when someone asks for help, and I offer it freely and willingly and it gets turned down.  Why is my family not good enough to help you when you obviously need it ( or you wouldn't have asked to begin with).
I get especially angry when I feel like this is a personal attack (for lack of a better word at the moment) against one of my children.  Yes, my son is going through some shit right now because of a poor decision he made, but that doesn't mean he is a worthless lump.  It doesn't mean that he doesn't know how to work hard!

Here's where I get mad and call people out.  Read on if you dare!

A family member (Mike's family) posted on FB that they needed some help.  They even said they would pay (and SAW could really use the money!!!).  I called and offered SAW's help.  They "hmmmm"'d and "uh, well"'d and finally said "no thanks" on the premise that it would be too hard for SAW and that Mike wouldn't be there to supervise him.

 Are you F'ing serious???  What's so special about your damn HAY that he can't help you with it???

Here's where I take a page from Big Brother Ken's book and decide to NOT offer to help them again.  If one of us isn't good enough then none of us are.  And -  I kinda hope that no one else offered to help and that karma kicks them in the butt for this.

I am often amazed at peoples prejudices.