Saturday, July 24, 2010

Blog Design Hell

I am a horribly un-organized person. Unfortunately the design of my blog reflect that. I love seeing other blogs & how cute they are & the creative titles that are so reflective of the bloggers personality. I, unfortunately, am not that creative. I have searched & searched for a cute blog design, thought I found a good one too. When I logged on this morning though, my background picture was gone. Poof! Dissappeared!

Hell! Now I have to search for a new one!

I cannot find a blogger background that I LOVE that also reflects any bit of my personality, and I HATE the title of my blog.


I cannot figure this out! I mean, I know how, I just can't figure out what would work best & look great!

Any ideas?? What do you use for your blog??


April said...

oh, I like the name of your blog...and I know chaning the layout can be mind numbing...the last time I changed mine WILL be the last time it took me ALL afternoon luckily I was tired from chemo that day so it was a great afternoon project...I wish I knew enough to help! :)