Friday, November 19, 2010

Things I love Today

  1. Free Book Fridays!!  There are so many places doing free book fridays I love it!!!
  2. Excellent German Coffee doctored up the way My friend Christa taught me how.  Thanks to my Hubby for the coffee!!  He sent it to me from Qatar - I have no idea what kind it is or even if it's decaf or not, but it's awesome!!!
  3. The crib that my Daddy bought for MJ & her very own room to put it in.  After much fussing and screaming this morning she went to sleep just minutes after laying her down in it and tucking her in with her "Daddy Bear"
  4. iTunes!  I have it on shuffle today and it is playing some fabulous stuff i haven't heard since i put in on here!
  5. Cheap printer ink so I can print my coupons!  If I had to buy the expensive stuff constantly I'd just die!
Have a great weekend!