Thursday, December 16, 2010

Random Catching up

I have so much to blog about, but here's a few thoughts for today:

  1. Things I love today
    1. May holds her hand together while she sleeps, it's precious
    2. I am DONE Christmas shopping! As usual, I bought/spent WAY WAY too much and some things will have to be held over for their birthdays!
    3. Mike will be home soon. I don't have an exact date, but we're down to weeks instead of months, so that makes me happy! 
  2. Dad & Theresa surprised us with a visit & they were able to stay for a week.  I will blog about it soon.
  3. No Christmas cards got sent out this year.  Sorry.  I emailed some to people that I had email addresses for.  Cheesy I know, but it was all I had the energy for.
  4. I am quitting Swap-Bot again.  I mailed everything out that I had to, but people just aren't getting it & I don't have the time or money to keep resending!  Sorry everyone, but I quit!
  5. I am disappointed in myself for:
    1. not having a cleaner house
    2. not being a better, more attentive parent
    3. not being more organized
    4. over-eating
    5. Not keeping promises - I should have done something a very long time ago, not it's been so long that I have no idea how to follow through.  Just the thought of it kept me up ALL NIGHT last night & is making me cry right now.
    6. crying so much
    7. playing into the stupid things that close minded people assume when they see a group of Moms, kids and 1 man hanging out in the mall
  6. Was I really supposed to sit around and do nothing for these last 6 months??
  7. Where is the GOOD Christmas music???  All this crap I am hearing is CRAP!!!!  Where did the classic songs go?  Why did everyone feel the need to remake them into some other kind of crappy pseudo-holiday thing??
  8. Oh, crap - I am NOT done Christmas shopping - just realized I haven't gotten my brothers family anything!!!  SHIT!