Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Cold

One present that always comes a little early for Christmas is the Christmas Cold.  I get sick every year.  For some strange reason it always catches me off guard too.  You'd think that I would be prepared, maybe double up on some vitamins & stock up on OJ or something, but Nooooo. I always think to myself "ugh, I can't believe I am sick for Christmas!"  Funny, huh?  I am not alone this year though.  This year MJ, Bug, SAW and I all have it!  Anna's family has it.  Even the pediatrician has it (I found this out while I was in his office today for MJ's 6 month check up).This year we also got our Flu shots though.  Hopefully that will make this the worst sickness of the season!  So, for now we are all keeping our fluids up, staying bundled & loving Lipton's Cinnamon Apple Tea!

I hope you all stay healthy this Cold & Flu season!  If you've got any tips on how you escape the Christmas Cold please share them!