Sunday, December 19, 2010

Pie Sunday!!

I am clinging to a thread here on this Pie Sunday. I am determined to make this a tradition that my kids will pass on to their kids though & one that our friends will want to participate in with us whenever they can.  So far, since I started this a month ago, I have only had to miss one Sunday - I had to work that day & just couldn't figure out how I was going to get a pie done when I got home from work & have it ready in time for dinner.  I have decided that the Next time I work Sunday I will just have to make the pie on Saturday.  I know, I know, it's a simple fix, why didn't I do that before?? Well, that's because part of what I wanted to include in this new tradition was Making the Pie & involving my kids & friends & whoever else in the whole process.  But, I guess it is better to make it ahead of time than to not have it at all.

I should have been blogging this new tradition from the start, but - you know - I rarely do what I should!
The good news is that I have a picture of the pie that started this slow decent into obesity.

It is a Shoo Fly Pie.  I adapted a couple recipes that I found on [my favorite recipe website of all time].  I first made it on a whim for my family.  My fabulous husband made the pie crust, & I made the pie. We shared the pie with his co-workers & the kids & topped it with some vanilla ice cream.  mmmmmmmm  It was AWESOME!!!!   The 2nd time I made it, my friend Anna nicknamed it "Sugar Pie".  She ate a very small piece because she was afraid all the sugar was going to make her teeth fall out.  I made it again for her husbands Birthday.  He was silly & left it here...  I tried to save it, but the teenage zombie ate it.

****SIDE NOTE****  I just realized that the photo was taken on Oct 3rd - a Sunday.  I sit here and think 'Surely I have NOT eaten pie EVERY Sunday since then except for ONE day.  Have I???  No wonder I have gained some weight.'  I can only really remember making a few pies, too.... and we had Pie Sunday at Anna's once... hmmmmmmm, well, I will have to do better at keeping this new tradition.

Anyways...  Today I found a Super recipe for Cinnamon Pie.  Mmmmmmmm, it smelled so good while it was baking.  I am anxious to try it & post my review of the recipe on [my favorite recipe website of all time].

Happy Pie Sunday to everyone!!!