Friday, December 24, 2010

Short things

No, I'm not talking about my kids or my sister. 

I have decided that jotting down a few short blogs about what's going on is better than not posting at all.

MJ had her 6 mo check up Tuesday.  She only weighs 13 pounds, and is 23 1/2" long.  She's a little thing.  I find it kinda funny though because everyone I know tells me how BIG she is, yet complete strangers tell me how little she is.  She is in the 6th percentile for weight.

"What Are Percentiles?

Percentiles are measurements that show where a child is compared with others. On the growth charts, the percentiles are shown as lines drawn in curved patterns. When doctors plot a child's weight and height on the chart, they see which percentile line those measurements land on. The higher the percentile number, the bigger a child is compared with other kids of the same age and gender, whether it's for height or weight; the lower the percentile number, the smaller the child is. For example, if a 4-year-old boy's weight is in the 10th percentile, that means that 10% of boys that age weigh less than he does and 90% of 4-year-old boys weigh more."

So, here's my thought.  If childhood obesity is such an epidemic in this country, is it really a bad thing that my kids are on the lower end of the curve?  I mean, doesn't that mean that they weigh LESS than most kids their age?  Both SAW & Bug were tiny skinny things, so I am happy that MJ has some chunk to her, but I love my skinny kids!

MJ also got her 6mo immunizations.


It's another debatable topic which I emphatically agree with.  I am not a very good debater, so I won't go in to all that.  As of right now the only downside I am noticing to her getting her shots is the whiny mood and the fever.  The fever could also be because of that fantabulous Christmas Cold we all have, or because she is teething.

SAW is also nearing the end of his grounding.  I think I got my point across - or at least I hope I did.  My brother was way mouthier than SAW is - how did my Mom handle it??  I wish I could ask her.

well. more posting later.  as the year draws to an end I am finding that I have a lot to say.

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First, Hardy Har Har.

Second, how have the percentiles change over the years as the "average" size of children has gotten bigger? I'm willing to bet that today's average is 10 years ago's chunky.

Thank heaven's for skinny babies and children. Buying "husky" sizes sucks.