Monday, January 10, 2011

Pie Sunday (kinda)

 Sorry this "Pie Sunday!" post is overdue, but I have a good excuse...

Mike is Home!!!
Deployment is over!!!

That's why we missed last Sunday.  We picked it backup this week though.  I also learned something about my husband of 5 years - his favorite pie is Lemon Meringue. So that was our pie this week!

I made this fabulous Lemon Meringue pie from Food Networks Alton Brown.  Mike is my pie crust maker, but his system is still confused about the time zones so he was asleep by 3pm.  I hate making pie crusts, but I also didn't want to go to the store, and there was no way that I was waking Mike up!  Soooooo, I found this recipe for a cornflake Pie Crust.  My cornflakes weren't Gluten free, but I think it worked just fine!

Mike finally woke up, but we left & went over to play some games with Anna & M, so we didn't have a chance to try the pie last night.  Pie Sunday has been extended to Monday! 
I am pretty proud of myself that I made this by myself and from scratch.  Mike said that even his grandma used pie filling when she made hers.  It was a great experience!

So. Has anyone else made pies for Pie Sunday??  Anyone have any ideas for pies for me to try?