Sunday, January 02, 2011

Supernatural Experiences - The Conclusion

After last nights (this morning, actually) scare I wanted to make the most of the daylight.  I waited until after 9 to text Anna & see what time she wanted to head out for coffee. I also let her know that I had to be back before dark.
So, I picked Anna up & we went on our way to Starbucks. Kidless.
On the way I explained what happened on the way home that morning (completely forgetting her intense fear of  car accidents - when I realized it later I felt like total shit about it).  She helped me remember to stay in the left lane & to not speed.
All in all the day seemed rather uneventful.  We went to Starbucks & each enjoyed a drink and a pastry treat & sat & chatted quietly.  Without stopping to quiet a crying baby, take a child to the restroom, clean up a spill, or wipe any tears.  It was great!  Then we walked over to Verizon to pay my bill & check out a new phone.  (I really want the Driod 2!!!) Then we went to BAM & wondered around for at least an hour (it was glorious!!!).While at the bookstore I realized that my phone had shut itself off (I need a new phone).  When I checked it there were a few messages from SAW telling me to get off the road immediately. I don't know when he sent it so I let him know that we were at BAM & wouldn't be on the road for a while.  He said that he had a dream that he got a phone call the we were in an accident, but the danger had passed & he was glad to know we were safe. We checked out a few more places & then we saw the time & decided to head back to her house so I could be home before dark. 
A few hours after I got home & all was well Anna text messaged me.  She had figured out the "slow in the left lane" thing was.  Shortly after leaving her house (a little past the stop light where the fog was) a giant RV decided to pull out in front of me.  Ok, not JUST pull out in front of me, but to try to do a U turn in front of me from the Westbound side of the highway.  There was definitely NOT enough room for the RV to do a U turn, and there was a stop sign that they almost hit & had to do a 3 point turn.  I had been driving under the speed limit in the left lane and I saw the RV pull out so I was able to stop.  I was worried that we were going to be hit by the silver van behind me, but they stopped too.  The red car in the right lane was not going so slow, but there was no accident... I maneuvered past the RV & didn't stick around to see what else happened.
Weird that at the time it was happening I didn't even think about it.
I am so very grateful for my spirit guides that told SAW & I about the danger so that we could avoid it safely!
All is well in 2011!