Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Recycling in 2011

I am an avid recycler.  I have always tried to recycle my aluminum cans at least.  I grew up in Alaska & there really weren't a lot of recycling centers in the area.  I remember my family saving our cans for a friends son so he could take them to the recycling center with his boy scout troop & get some money.  It was nevermuch money, but it was a little.  Back then recycling was moreabout the money than it was about helping the environment.  When my children started school I learned that the AF base collected paper for recycling for their heating program for the base (something like that).  When I married Mike & we moved on to base we recycled the typical things; Plastic, paper, glass. 
When we moved onto base here in FL I was pleased to learn that there was a base wide recycling program and we had our own recycling center.  They recycled glass, plastic and paper.  No separating, they did it all when they picked it up.  I loved it!  Unfortunately, a few months after we moved in they stopped recycling glass claiming it was too dangerous for their workers to pick up the broken glass out of the recycling cans (which they didn't do anyways, but whatever).  Then, they announced that they were going to start to recycle styrofoam.  Only clean white styrofoam from things like tv boxes & stuff like that. No packing peanuts, no styrofoam egg cartons, just perfect styrofoam from brand new items. So, when we were unpacking MJ's crib I put all the styrofoam into the recyling container.  They refused to take it.  uhhhhhh... I'm confused...  Then, they started picking through the recycling container & putting aout 60% of itinto my trash can.  more confused... Then we got a note that our plastic was just trash.  Then the next week they decided that the cardboard was trash.  I am really confused now.
I feel like my recycling efforts are being thwarted by the lazy recycling workers.
So, here's my plan for recycling in 2011.  Not all these ideas are new, and I have been doing most of them anyways, but I am going to make a point to do it to the letter now!

  • I will get multiple containers to separate my recyclables so there is no extra work for them. ( BTW - I separated my stuff today and they still searched through everything.  Like I an going to hide a milk jug in the bottom of a paper bag crammed full of cereal boxes)
  • I will keep my recycling containers clean!
  • I will watch them go through my recycling and ask why the refuse to take some things instead of assuming it's just because they are lazy.
  • If they are just being lazy I will be going to the recycling center & complaining.
I have heard that they might be stopping the recycling program because people aren't recycling.  Weird.


April said...

sounds like fun! we recycle and sometimes I feel like it is more hassle than it is worth (even though I know it is not) it has cut down A LOT on our trash (we have to buy stickers and pay per bag so this has been a good savings)...but we have to take it off ourselves no one comes to pick it up (I think if we paid they would but the center is only a mile away so it seems silly to pay for it) we pack it all in the car about once every couple months after it has filled up the garage...
I would LOVE a cute or wooden bin system we just use a few plastic garbage cans in the kitchen and then transfer to the garage like once a week...

well I shared more than I intended :) I hope you get the recycling issues figured out, I hate not understanding things especially when I think I am following the rules so I can see how frustrating that would be