Sunday, January 02, 2011

Supernatural Experiences

The events of New Year's Day were nothing special or out of the ordinary.  We all stayed out kind of late and ended up out in Navarre pretty late.  We were finally on our way home after midnight... officially January 2nd.

About a mile down the road headed back towards base I start to see a weird misty fog just sitting at a stop light.  I started to get a "message" that I was told NOT to be on the road on the 2nd.  My initial response was "I know, I know" but then I realized that I did NOT know & I was never told that. Someone should have told me.  I started to wonder if one of the kids had had dreams lately, anything with the 2nd or 2 or anything.  I kept getting the message that I was told & I should NOT be on the road!  Sooooo, I asked the kids... Bug mumbled a "No" from the back seat.  SAW got a little rigid in his seat.  I explained what I was asking & he mentioned that he had a dream that he had a dream that there was 2 of him, but that was it.  BUT, then he started saying that he felt it too.  He told me to get in the left lane.  There was a great sense of urgency in his voice, I could tell he was getting scared.  He told me again to stay in the left lane & slow down, stay under the speed limit.   Just listen to him He also said to stay away from Red cars tomorrow(later today).  It is a friends birthday today & we were going to go have a quiet girls day with no kids.  I knew I would be driving around, but I knew I didn't want to.  He also said that if we were going to be out at night to make sure that he was at their house.  That makes total sense to me, if something happened to us at least they wouldn't be alone in the house with no one to help them.  It occurred to me a few miles later that the fog was gone. At some point during the drive my legs started to tingle, my right arm had a pressure type feeling.  MJ had been babbling/crying during this time.  When we pulled up to the stop light to come on to base I had a feeling that this was the intersection I need to be wary of tomorrow.  I also saw a police car at the light, not too odd, but now that I am recounting the experience it could be a foreshadowing detail of something to come. SAW's breathing got faster. We were both feeling the same thing.  "This is it.  This is where it happens"  I said.  SAW agreed.  Then I had a second thought that it may not be this particular intersection, but it could be ANY intersection.  SAW said "no, it is here".  We turned into base & even though SAW's breathing continued to quicken, my feeling or doom was lessening.  As we turned onto the road to home I was racking my brain trying to figure out what sign/message I had missed.  I could tell that he was thinking it too. 
When we pulled into the driveway & I told Bug that she shouldn't be scared,but if she has any weird feelings or dreams to tell us about it.  SAW said that to keep that much energy inside is bad.  We checked out the house & made sure all the doors were locked.  The dog wouldn't even go outside.  The kids decided  to stay up late & sleep in the living room. SAW made sure that I promised him that I would listen to his warnings.  We also decided (at sometime during the drive) that whatever might happen would be at night, so I promised that we would be home before dark. 
This may just be great fodder for a story, or it may be some sort of supernatural experience.  I guess I'll head to bed & say a few prayers for the day & try to get a little sleep.  I'll let ya know if anything happens.

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Sounds like a simple solution- should have stayed home. What did happen on the second? Good day?