Sunday, March 06, 2011

Still only 87/100 reasons to work out

I have been trying to remind myself to do a little exercise every day.  Ironically, I didn't look at my list ONCE since writing it up.  So, after my weight gain last week, I decided to get a little more serious about this.
I came up with a few more reasons to get off my butt & workout.  I am still hoping to get 100 reasons that actually work for me.  I will print it out and put it on my mirror then!


1. A year from now, you will wish you'd started today.
2. I can't wait to see my after picture.

3. Because a year ago, you couldn't.

4. Because of how it makes you feel!

5. It will make you feel sexier all day. 
6. When I'm feeling like a loser even a small workout makes me feel like I have accomplished SOMETHING !
7. Because the kid you once were, didn't want to grow up to be an unhappy person
8. The only way to get adventure-ready is by working hard for it.
     The adventure I am getting ready for is our move to Idaho. 

9. Someday you're going to NEED to do something that requires a lot of strength and dedication, but you won't be able to unless you are brave NOW.

10. Sometimes you have do what you don't want to do, in order to get to where you want to be.
11. I need the reminder that I am in control of my own life.
12. The power to change is in your hands!  I am amazed that I sometimes forget that, and working out is a great reminder.
13. Getting your heart rate up feels so alive.
14. Your friends are doing it!  This may be the only Good example of peer pressure
15. What else are you gonna do? Sit on the couch? 
16. Because sometimes a hard workout is better than an hard therapy session.
17. Because it's been a while since you felt your lungs expanding under your ribs.
18. Because feeling sore the next day means you accomplished something.
19. Because watching your body change is so empowering.

20. Because you are SUPPOSED to take care of yourself!
21. I want to be able to give and take a hit.
22. I want to know what I look like under this flubber.
23. I want people to KNOW I am strong, just by looking at me.
24. I'll never be able to run in any race if I don't practice.
25.Because I want to feel confident when I walk around naked in front of my husband.
26.You ALWAYS feel better if you work out, no matter how badly you want to skip it, are too tired, feel like being lazy, too busy, sore, etc. ALWAYS. And not just physically and mentally- but your confidence gets an epinephrine shot as well.
27. Because the more weight you lose the more new clothes you get to buy!
28. You are surrounded by other people working hard on who they are and how well their bodies work- if you stay home you will be sitting next to someone that is working hard on eating an entire pie or an entire chicken. You choose.
29. Do it because you want a different ass than the one you got.
30. Because even though NO ONE should wear skinny jeans - you want to have the option to wear them if you want!
31. So your arms don't wave to people, your hands do!
32. Beach Bikini Body Even though I am moving away from the beach - I still want a beach ready body! 
33. Do it cause the cute trainer snuck a peek.
34. Do it cause you have new workout clothes and you like the way you are shaped today.
35. Do it as an excuse to get new iTunes.
36. Do it cause you are super raging angry pissed off monster & working out is better than getting in a fight.

37. Work out in the morning because the way you start your day affects every single minute of the rest of your day.

38. Do it to forget the day's stress and disappointments.
39. It's freeing to run.
40. After the first half hour- you hit your stride and start pushing yourself because the pain is already gone.
41. Stress flies out the freakin window.
42.  It makes giving birth easier!
51. It's easier to run farther when you weigh less.
52. Working out during THAT TIME OF THE MONTH makes you cramp less and feel less bloated & generally makes you feel better. So you can’t use that as an excuse - except on the first day.
53. Working out makes you glow with happiness.
54. Do it for the sauna afterwards!
55. Saying ‘I don’t wanna’ is not going to get you to anything
56. Be the most productive person you know, today.
57. Be jealous of the person you will be in 1 month, 1 quarter, 1 season, 1 year.
58. By pushing yourself to do this when you don’t want to, you are proving to yourself that you can achieve the things you really want to. Even things that have nothing to do with getting healthy. Things like, traveling alone in a country where you don’t know the language. If you can’t go to the gym, how are you going to go to China?
59. You are paying for this gym. You made sacrifices in order to make this happen. Get your money’s worth.
60. You can only box at the gym.
61. Take it out on the heavy bag.
62. No one is home, drag your mat into the living room and do it.
63. Figure out all your Personal Record's on push ups, crunches, planks, name it. Challenge yourself.
64. Compete with yourself & everyone else.
65. Free weights are more fun with a gigantic mirror in front of you so can watch your form and see progress happening.
67. If you don’t- you are going to STAY ON THAT PLATEAU! that is the opposite of progress- that is stagnation. STAGNANT WATER SMELLS BAD! YOU MIGHT AS WELL GO BACKWARDS.
70. Feeling strong feels incredible.
71. Name 5 better ways to spend your time.
73. Do it for a sense of personal PRIDE.
75. Do it as an homage to the weight you've already lost. Do it as a farewell to the person you used to be. Say Goodbye.
76. Do it because you should be a good friend to yourself. If you don't care about yourself... then what's the point.
78. You are not as far from your goal as you are convinced that you are. Going to the gym today will get you that much closer. Don’t you wanna move that ticker in the right direction??
79. DO IT mindlessly and with conviction or you’ll second guess yourself and talk your way out of going. Save the thinking for when you get there.
80. Times flies when you are having fun. Before you know it- you’ve burned 600 calories. Hard work is the only thing that is guaranteed to reward you with real results.
82. Do it for your body image. That needs to get healthier, too. Your 40 year old self will thank your 30 year old self will thank your 20 year old self.
83. Be a success story.
84. Do it for your heart.
85. Do it for your future.
86. If your mind is a disaster, at least your body will be behaving.
87. Just in case you have the chance to go surfing or para sailing or something someday, wouldn't it be nice to have good balance and strong legs and confidence?
89. Its great for your skin.
90. It's great for your soul.
91.Your demons don't own you.
92. Motivation is waiting for you 7 minutes into your next workout. It doesn't come meet you on the couch or in your bed under the covers. YOU HAVE TO GO GET IT.
93. Do it so you won't hate your reflection as much.
94. Do it for your health, or not.
95. Do it so your sex life will be better. RAWR!
96. Yesterday, you said you would. Were you LYING?
97. Go forward or go backward. Which one is more appealing to you?
98. What are you teaching your children, nieces and nephews, and your peers about how to live life?
99. Are you happy going through life as a passive observer? or do you wanna LIVE?
100. Do it because you can. You never realise how powerful that sentence is until you start doing things that once upon a time you considered to be a ridiculous daydream.


becky said...

I love that the missing reasons are in the middle :)