Saturday, May 21, 2011

the dropsies, the stones, and bills - 3 things I hate

I have the dropsies lately.  It's super irritating and sometimes scary.  The other day I almost dropped a seriously sharp knife on my foot.  Instead I dropped everything else.  I have dropped, spilled and thrown almost everything I have touched lately.  What causes it?  I know I used to be a seriously accident prone child, but as an adult I have done fairly well.  Now this.  Weird!  Even as i type this I am noticing french onion dip on the desk and on the mouse... oh, and there's the chip that caused it on the floor!  Here's hoping I don't spill my giant Arizona Tea all over my computer because I just uploaded more pictures on here!


I had my kidney ultrasound today.  It was interesting.  It was a bit of a workout too.  turning from this side to that side, holding my breath until I thought I would burst!  The tech was great, but man did some of it HURT!  Why did she have to push so hard??  I'm sure I'll have a bruise tomorrow.  Hopefully, though, by next week, my Doc will have the results and we can initiate a plan to get this kidney stone crap taken care of.  I hate being sick.  I hate the feeling that I have brought this upon myself. OK, so, in reality I guess I did, but still...


I turned in my notice on Monday!  My last day of work will be the 14th of June.  I'd love to quit sooner but we need the next few paychecks to get all caught up on bills.  Ugh,  Bills!  I don't understand why everything has to cost so much???  Who decided that a new cell phone has to cost over $200 (and what dumb ass decided that my husband could charge one to our bill??)??  What idiots decided that 2 people with bad credit needed to be approved for MORE credit??  Are these people stupid???  I am an out of control spender with a guilt problem... is there a 12 step program for that??

Hope you all have a great weekend and week to follow.  Read something fabulous and do something fun!


April said...

mom says that I have been super clumsy lately as well...I fell putting up the shower curtain, I fell on our hardwood floors, and I fell down our stone steps out front...the bruises are a nice shade of purple :)

I pray everything goes well with your kidney, I've heard about how painful that can be...