Tuesday, September 20, 2011

One step closer

I am one step closer to the life I have always wanted.
When I was growing up I loved that our house was "the house".  Everyone was always stopping by, hanging out, crashing on the couch.  It was interesting to see who would be there when you woke up.  I'm sure for my parents it was exhausting, but their doors & arms were always open.
Now, let's be clear.  That is not the kind of house I want!
I want people to feel comfortable enough to stop by unannounced if they want to, but, please, have the courtesy to let me know if you are going to be here longer than a day! I want the kids to feel comfortable inviting their friends over & I want their friends to feel comfortable being themselves around me.
I am working on having my house presentable at all times (as my neighbor knocks on the door and I die a little inside because my house is trashed!).  It's not always clean, and sometimes I stop people at the door so they can't see the mess.  You've got to cut me a little slack though because we have only lived here for a month and we're still working on getting everything unpacked and put where we want it.  I'll post pictures when it's all done. For now though, I have a beautiful house with a beautiful 1930's dinner table, a fabulous library, an awesome flat screen TV that looks great from any seat on my black leather couch.   I also have 2 antique chairs with Cheese Nips ground into the cushions, a TON on toys all over the floor, shoes crowding the front door (at least 2 pairs per person) and cup circles on my $10 coffee table.
My house.  Beautiful.  Lived in.
Soon I will have pictures hanging on the walls, great smelling candles burning, and fabulous decorations for the holidays.
A house is just a house, and I know that it doesn't matter what I fill it with, as long as there is love.
One Step Closer.

7 comments: said...

I loved your library!

I am alwasy trying to figure out how to make my house more inviting . . . and as you know, my house is the one people randomly move into - which is why we now have a 19 and 12 yr old living in our "play room." You should experience the morning here - whoa boy. I'll have to do a post about it. Today I used the phrase, "Are you sure you don't want a banana? Its like taking a sunny smile with you." Jake: "FINE! just give me the banana!" I swore that I'd make him a morning person no matter what!
Ever yelled Jake up the stairs loudly? Sounds like Jase. Yep, things are getting nutty here.

<3 you Sis!

May said...

Nice post and thanks for linking up at Exposure 99% weekday hop. Looking forward being part of your blog.

Normies said...

Oh my, pleas don't tell me you live right on the Ocean? Jealous here! I live my the Lake, but nothing compared to the beaches of your area. My dream to live there someday!

Found you through blog hop, please come and visit sometime.

Pam said...

Following you blog, couldn't find a link to you FB page. Pam from MBS Like you back hop:)

Brae Craig said...

I have that same dream about my house! I have 4 kids (probably more someday) and I want their friends to want to be HERE. It's difficult a lot of the time to have it all ready, and not be resentful when their friends come over and NEVER. LEAVE. But that's what I WANT, so I need to get used to it.

I'm here from the MBS "Like me wednesday" hop- I'm following here, but I didn't see a facebook link, so I am not following on fb. Thanks!

Isra said...

following back from 99% exposure hop. the background of your blog is beautiful, but it's hard to read the post..maybe make the font white on the dark blue? I would love to read what you wrote!

April said...

SO happy for you!