Friday, December 30, 2011

Time on my hands

I am, once again, going to start a new year with a new hair color.  I had some awesome coupons for Fat Foam hair color, and it was on clearance at WalMart, soooooo.... Of course I got a few of them! ;)  So as I sit here w...a...i...t...i...n...g I figured I'd blog.  I love to color my hair.  I've been doing it since high school.  I have been blond, brunette, numerous shades of red and even purple (that was so not on purpose though!).  I have even had green hair too!  Hair is just Hair - it grows out and then you're done.  I see no reason to be vain about it.  If a cut or color doesn't turn out well then shave it off!  I have also been going grey since I was 18 (or earlier maybe).  I have this awesome (not really) patch of silver/grey/white hair right at my hairline above my forehead.  Not cool!  I have two specific hairs that like to grow out short and straight so they look like little antennae.  I tried to just deal with it, and I was doing well for a while, but I really don't like it.  So here I go trying a new color and new brand.  I really have NO clue how long it's been in my hair... oops...  The fumes are kinda burning my eyes though...
I better go check...
nope, not ready yet...
So - everyone ready for 2012??  Tomorrow is my 6 year anniversary with Mike.  I laugh and tell him it's been almost 6 years that I've been in love with him!  To be honest - there have been a few times that I have questioned it, but all in all we've had a good time.
It was hailing out today - weird.  Now it sounds like the wind is going to take the siding right off the house!  There's some crazy weather here in Idaho!
ok, I think it's time to wash this stuff out so off I go!  Wish me luck!