Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Getting the hang of it

Since my last post I have had even MORE time to think...
Now that I have voiced my unhappiness about my less-than-stellar performance as a SAHM I have decided to try harder.  I mean, really, was I trying that hard to begin with? No!  Not really.
So I put my big girl panties on and got out of bed the next day and did the dishes.  Yesterday I did the dishes, baked cookies, played with my daughter and even made the bigger kids an after-school snack.  (OK - so not really, I made tuna & juice so they could have a sandwich and a drink with their cookies, but that's WAY more than I did before)
Today I actually woke up before the kids left for school, I didn't get out of bed, but I was up and said goodbye to them before they left.  Actually getting out of bed before them is tomorrows task!  I was, however, out of bed and making coffee and doing the dishes before Mike got home from PT.  I think he did a double take when he saw me.
I talked to my sister today too (during nap time).  She has obviously read my post because the first thing she asked was "you're bored aren't you?" *shoulder slump* "Yes. Yes I am."  Jealousy of her full house struck when I heard my Dad and Aunt and Uncle all talking in the background.  She assured me that it was okay to be on Pinterest & Facebook during nap time.  It is MY TIME.  We talked about cleaning schedules (I used to clean up during nap time, but she pointed out that she cleaned up before her husband got home from work because it was only going to get dirty again after nap). I think I am going to clean up when the bigger kids get home from school (which is about 30 minutes before Mike gets home from work - I found out he does not, in fact, get off work at 3 anymore, it's now 4), and again after everyone goes to bed.  It seems logical that waking up to a clean house would make the morning go smoother.  So that is tonight's trial task - to clean up the living room before I go to bed.  Wish me luck!
Today I also discovered that my son has been hoarding/hiding a childhood blanket since we moved from our one room cabin in AK.  I had no idea he still had it (that reminds me that I have to get it out of the dryer and up to the sewing table to mend a few tears).  The reason I mention this is because he has an issue with blankets and how I tend to get rid of them... it really is a short story for another time though.
I also discovered a fabulous recipe for a peanut butter cake. YUM!!!  I'll post about that later after I get the kids reviews!
So the recap for today's thoughts

  • OMG - it's 645 - the kids really need to get a move on before they miss the bus and I have to get out of bed
  • OMG -the dogs better shut the heck up before they wake up the baby and I have to get out of bed
  • OMG - since the baby isn't up yet and the kids are gone I can  go downstairs and use the big computer instead of my phone - I mean, really, I'm not going back to sleep with those dogs whining like that
  • OMG - she's already up!  I really thought I had at least 20 minutes for a cup of coffee
  • Seriously? another day with no nap??  This DVD player in her room was a genius idea - at least I can have a little time to myself
  • OMG - the movie is over and she's crying!  Doesn't this girl ever sleep???
  • WHY IS SHE CRYING??  she's out of bed and watching cartoons - what more could she want?
  • mmmmmmmmm peanut butter and sugar - what more could anyone want?
  • Damn - it's almost 3 - I better get off the computer and finish laundry before everyone gets home