Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I did it!

I am thinking that these new changes I am making needs a name...  I think - maybe -
"Positive Changes, One Day at a Time"
 So what - this is day 2?  I think so...
I think that taking this SAHM thing one day at a time and just trying to make the best of it will work for me.  And I'm not talking HUGE changes, so don't expect fireworks here, okay?  I'm talking about the small changes that will one day make up a HUGE Positive Change in my life.  I'm not setting any long term goals here.  I'm not giving myself any consequences either, and my only rewards are feeling better about myself and my life.

So anyways
I did it!!!
Last night, after the kids went to bed, I cleaned up the living room AND did the dishes (dishwasher and the hand wash dishes!).  I didn't vacuum the LR because 1) the vacuum was upstairs, 2) I didn't want to wake the baby because she was put to bed at 9pm and only cried for a minute!!!  Woo Hoo!!
It was all I could do not to come post this last night! I was really proud of myself!
There is one thing that I will have to fix about it though - no doing dishes in my jammies - my shirt got wet...
It did make the morning go a little smoother too!
Oh yeah, I did manage to get out of bed before the kids left for school too!  I was even able to get them to help with a couple chores before they left for the bus!
I had a little time to myself this morning before I woke May up at 8:15!  It was marvelous!
So, I will let the day go as it will.  I might bake, but probably not (I'm out of butter).  I will see hoe today goes and decide on my next positive change later.
Feel free to shoot me some ideas on making this SAHM thing go a little easier! 


April said...

yes, I am so glad that it is going better! I do think that your attitude of success MAKES success :) hope the rest of the week continues to go as well :)